Shoot a duck in 4k with the Sony A6500 – Focus tracking test

I was at Genesse Park by Lake Washington and what better way to spend the day than shooting a duck with the Sony A6500?

I’m still playing around with the Sony A6500 and learning what works best for my way of using this awesome camera.
The quality of the 4k video is outstanding from this compact body of this Sony A6500. In this video, I’m testing the Sony A6500 video focus capability and focus tracking.

The quality is outrageous. I’m loving the Sony A6500 for it. I need more time to play around with the camera but the few times that I’ve played with the video recording has proven to me that this is a camera hard to beat! The focusing on the camera is fast! It is probably one of the fastest focusing¬†cameras I’ve seen.

The camera tracks movement like a pro. The few times I tried focusing the camera on seeing how well it would capture movement is when you see the blur occur for a second in the video. I really didn’t need to press the back focus button (custom setup) to refocus the image.

The sound capture is wonderful on this camera as well. It is at default settings and you can hear the sound capture done supremely.

One thing about capturing video in 4k on the Sony A6500 that bothers me is the fact that the screen goes dim to conserve battery life. As you know, the Sony Alpha cameras suck when it comes to battery life. Hopefully, it’ll all change with future versions as the Sony A9 has proven that they can have longer battery life and a bigger battery for their cameras!

In the next post, I’ll show you that how the Sony 5-axis stabilization system works. Don’t think it’ll be your glidecam or steadytracker but it’ll do a wonderful job with slight movements.
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DJI Phantom flight over Panther Lake and the DJI Osmo Mobile

Its been a while since I’ve flown my drone. The weather was actually nice last week and I had an itch to fly the DJI Phantom 3 Pro. I took out my DJI Phantom 3 Pro and flew over Panther Lake in Federal Way, Washington.

Panther Lake has receded a lot since last time I visited, I couldn’t believe how much dry land there was. The area I was at used to be full of water!

On the way down to the dry lake, I used the DJI Osmo Mobile with my Letv X500 to shoot the walk. The recording is done in 1080 – you can see my other video on why I am recording in 1080 only.

At the end of the video, it looks like the Phantom 3 Pro is flying underneath a fallen tree branch but its just me hand-holding the drone. I wanted to compare the difference between the Osmo Mobile and the gimbal on the Phantom.

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Port of Tacoma – 4k Video Test of the Letv X500

Testing the video quality of the Letv S1 X500 at the Port of Tacoma.
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The Letv X500 uses h.265 format which is the newest compression format that maintains quality of the video (nearly twice the AVC format) at the same bit rate.

The file extension shows as 3GP which is a container format that is mobile friendly version of the MP4 format.

The video format is not the easiest to work with – Premiere Pro 6.0 does not recognize the format. I use format factory to convert the file to edit the video.

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BPA Trail Run and Samsung Video App Mode Testing

The BPA (Bonneville Power Administration) trail is a great place to take a quick run, walk, and biking around Federal Way and enjoy some of the wildlife in the area.

The dual camera mode is shot in 1080 and scaled to 4k, all other shots are in 4K; shot on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The Samsung Note Edge has some great camera modes that you can use and I like the different dual camera modes you can use. It offers different sizes for the front facing camera which you can scale to your liking as well as moving the pip (picture in picture) to any location that you like.

The few chances that I get to stop by the trail to exercise, I take, as it’s not often you find a great trail to run in and it is very well maintained. I have seem some wonderful wildlife and very friendly people sharing in the enjoyment of this wonderful trail. I usually do a loop from Celebration Park to King County Aquatic Center. I’ve only gone all the way to the end, past KCAC once but it wasn’t as scenic for me.

On some days, you’re see longboarders practicing on the trail as it does offer some small hills they can practice going down on.

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