Taste test a gourmet root beer

Its time for trying out another Bundaberg branded soda and this is one of the gourmet root beer brand. There are so many different brands of root beer and its not for me to say who makes the best root beer, I’ll just try them as I find them.
The root beer maker Bundaberg is based out of Australia and the cost for purchasing one of these bottles of root beer is not cheap, this is a good root beer but I’m more partial to more familiar taste of something like A&W or Dads root beer. It has an interesting flavor which makes it a taste that I believe you would come to appreciate over time.
The Bundaberg root beer gets its unique taste from ginger and has a citrusy taste. I will say that Bundaberg does come up with some interesting flavors for your taste buds that you should at least try once. I will say that this doesn’t taste straight out like a hard root beer due to the citreous flavor but this is definitely not your father’s root beer, that is, if you’re not from Australia.
You can purchase the Bundaberg root beer at some stores that might carry it as a specialty item, not sure of any specific root bear store but you can get it online here (affiliate link): http://amzn.to/2qwVQl5
I hope you enjoyed this mokbang/mukbang taste test of one of the many different brands of root beer, purchasing from the link above helps support me. Thanks.

Ginger Beer is Bundaberg

Bundaberg Ginger beer


I’m skipping ahead to post about Bundaberg Ginger beer before the Lemon, Lime and Bitters – I’m working on the video for it.

There won’t be a video for the Ginger beer as I was planning to do one but the location was not the place to do it. I was too self aware, if you want the truth.

Too many parents around and I didn’t think they would appreciate it if they heard me doing a review of the drink and they started hearing beer.

If you seen my post on Bundaberg Guava soda, then you know I have to try a drink from a company I’ve never tried.

Well, the Japanese store I visited had more flavors from this Australian company. I brought the Lemon, Lime and Bitters, Ginger beer, and Root beer.

Now, Ginger beer or as close to it as I’ve gotten was Canadian Ginger Ale. I love Canadian Ginger Ale but Bundaberg Ginger beer is another level!

The label on the bottle states craft brewed for 3 days and its supposed to have real bits of Ginger in the soda. I forgot to take a close look at the bottle to see if I could see small chunks of Ginger in the soda pop but the taste was what you would wish in a Ginger soda. It tasted like you would hope a Ginger soda should taste. I would definitely go for some more Ginger soda in the future!

Again, the cost of purchasing a Bundaberg soda in the states is pretty expensive – it’s about two bucks to get a bottle.

This soda may be too strong in taste for some but I was happy with the taste and the level of fizz from the soda was just right.

I’ve now tried Guava, Lemon Limes & Bitters, and now Ginger beer. I’m going to try out Root beer next.

I will say I really like the Ginger flavor more than their Guava flavor.

You can check Bundaberg sodas from this link:
affiliate link

The Australian Guava Soda is Bundaberg

I love my Guava, I grew up with Hawaiian Sun Guava drinks and when a drink from down under shows up at a Japanese store…Well, that perks up my curiosity up a few notches!

Besides its unique looking bottle and the pull off cap, the bold florescent color of the soda just mesmerized me.

I was purchasing Hawaiian Sun drinks for $.75 cents at the store when I saw it right next to it – on sale for $1.99. If it was any other flavors I might have skipped over it.

This is my review of the taste of Australia’s Bundaberg Guava soda.

If anyone knows why you have to invert the bottle before opening the soda, please comment and let me know. Thanks.

You can purchase Bundaberg and other flavors here: http://amzn.to/2d1JhdF
Video shot on Samsung Galaxy Note 4:
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