Capturing component video to hdmi

I know I’m holding on to the past and being a stubborn fool when it comes down to it but I can’t help it. I love this camera! I love the quality of the video the camera produces!

Tape-based recording to camcorders are pretty much extinct now and digital capture is the future – using a digital capture system like the Focus FS-H200 or Atomos systems like the Atomos Ninja is one way of extending the lifespan of cameras like this.

The Sony Fx1 is wonderful and the quality from the HD capture is outstanding, especially viewed through component out. However, I’ve been wanting something to capture component to HDMI and I think I’ve found it! The way I’m doing it is through firewire capture at this time, as shown in the video.

So with the older HDV format camcorders like the Sony FX-1, what’s one way to extend the life of a wonderful camera like this? This is my old-school fix for digital media capture and recording. It is not as efficient as the newer technology but it’s a wonder that it does the job from back then.

I’m looking to update to an Atomos or similar system which will be great for the Sony FX-1 and my Sony A6500, hopefully soon.

Shot on Sony A6500:
AVerMedia Component to Hdmi:
Atomos Capture Systems:
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