Korean mall, the food edition

The wife and I decided to grab a bite to eat at Shinsegae Mall before heading to the movies.

What’s nice about Korea is the easy transportation system and underground pathways filled with shopping stalls. Being underground wasn’t that bad, and being comfortable during bad weather is a major perk!

I wish I would have recorded more but I wasn’t thinking much about recording; just that it was fun being out with the wife enjoying the Korean experience. This was back in 2014 and I don’t even remember what movie we watched. I think it was a Korean movie, either that or a Marvel movie release.

We ate at a Japanese stall. I had the Yakisoba like noodles and the wife had ramen. We then choose some Mochi ice cream for dessert. I also wish I had recorded the trip to Krispy Kremes as they had some outrageous donuts that were only available in Korea (maybe Asia).

Korean Fusion Food

Korean Fusion Food

This video was shot using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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The Dollar Sushi 🍙🍣

When you got a craving for Sushi but you are a cheap miser.

So… every now and then, the family gets a craving for Sushi. The sad part is, it’s not real Sushi. It’s American/Western Sushi. Sadder part is that the family prefers the $1.00 Sushi.

Nothing wrong with dollar Sushi, it’s great, it’s fills our stomach and we enjoy it more than the expansive stuff on the menu.

California roll? No, we go with the crab salad roll, the crab stick roll, the house roll special (whish is tuna roll wrapped in egg), fish cake rolls, and my favorite Takoyaki which you could define as Octopus dumplings, sort of.

Let me know if you felt the video did the job of making it look like I ate all the food at the restaurant.

For the technical info: Shot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge using Filmic Plus app and Go pro’s Quik app to edit video on the phone.

I like using GoPro’s video editing app. This was my first time using it and it was simple to figure out how to use it-I did check the faq several times while playing around with app to figure oUT how to use it though.

I am hoping they will update the app to allow for editing 4k vids but that probably will be a while. 4k vids files are hugh and computing power on your phone might not be powerful enough to edit and render the file fast.

I do love the faq that this does not add a watermark and I can add text to the movie, unlike most editing apps that do not have the ability or will charge you to add text.

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