Korean Walnut Pastry – American Made

Got this fantastic Walnut Pastry from friends in California. I’ve never heard of Cocohodo till now but they make some awesome tasty morsels of sweet Korean dessert delicacy.

The cookie is soft and moist. It’s like a mini cake but with red bean paste filling and a piece of walnut on the inside. It dries out pretty fast, within two days about, so it’s good to eat it right away. The taste of the red bean paste is just right, not too sweet and a semi-creamy like texture due to the red bean paste. The walnut brings a bit of crunchiness when you bite into it, giving it a different texture to the taste.

After having eaten the tasty treat, this led me to wonder about this creation… Doing a research about this dessert, I found that this confectionary was created in the Cheonan region of Korea by a married couple Jo, Gwigeum and Sim, Boksun. They created this unique delicacy by combining Korean and Japanese influences. This was in 1934 during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

Korean Walnut Pastry – Not Cocohodo
Shot with the Sony A6500
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If you want to check out Cocohodo, check out their website: http://cocohodo.us/



Kimbap and Ramen ðŸ™ðŸ£ðŸ²


When most people see Kimbap, they think of Sushi. Kimbap is not Sushi. It’s similar and both are great in taste but I’m a Korean Kimbap loving soul.

Food, glorious food

Kim-bap is usually made with Bulgogi but I love this version the best. The Spam and Crab meat (though its imitation crab meat) is a great combo. The saltiness of the Spam and the sweet taste from the crab meat brings out the flavor in the Kimbap.


Just having Kimbap as it is fine but if you really, truly want a true Korean experience of enjoying Kimbap, get a bowl of Ramen ready. I like Shin Ramen as it is the brand I enjoy and the spiciness is fantastic for this combination.


I just threw this Ramen into the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes and added the egg and crab meat from the leftover Kimbap after taking it out of the microwave.

Why the Ramen? Its for the soup base. A quick dunk of the Kimbap into the Ramen soup just adds another level to the taste!

The more advanced version is to have the Kimbap soaked into a beaten egg and fried. The egg covered Kimbap and Ramen is sooooo good.

Food, glorious food
Food, glorious food

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Recycle Claw Game

It’s not fun watching a noisy recycle truck on your street early in the morning, but if it was done like this, how much more amusement would you get watching or even minding the noise?

This is how they recycle in Korea. Whenever I see them load the truck, I’ve always thought of the claw game.

The guy is good, I bet he always wins at the claw games. 🙂

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How to catch a Cicada

A little girl shows you how to catch a Cicada!

During a quick summer vacation in Korea, there were sounds of Cicadas everywhere. We were fortunate enough to see one on a tree.

Video shot using my Samsung Galaxy Note II, I love this phone!

More Miniture World Footage from Jeju (Cheju) Korea

Because you know you can never have enough minitures in your life.

Additional footage that I forgot I had of this wonderful place.

Cheonggyecheon River in South Korea – Best restored river in the world, possibly

Visited this great river located in Seoul, South Korea. While Korean movies like “The Host” may have had a river monster, you won’t have to worry about one here.

To me, this is one of the great man-made rivers. It’s not the Panama Canal of any sorts but to build a project to renovate a dirty river that was filled up in the past and turn it into a tourist designation is a beautiful project indeed.

It is a great place to have a little exercise or go on a date with your loved one. I am amazed at how clean they keep the area. No graffiti, no trash floating down the river, etc… This video was shot in 2006.

The mayor of Seoul did this urban renovation which was not looked happily upon by the citizens as it costed the government some serious cash. After the renovation, people flock to this renovated river for recreation.

Several Korean films and music videos have been shot here.

Miniature World in Jeju (Cheju) Island, South Korea

Visited this fun miniature world in Jeju Island. It turns out there is more than one miniature world in Jeju Island. I love seeing these miniature sculptures and replicas, it’s a wonder world to me.

I love some of the miniatures like the Korean turtle ships used for naval warfare. The London Bridge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Great Buddha statue (which is really not a miniature) but I can understand since Buddhism is a part of the Asian culture.

I had a fun time visiting the place. One word of caution. When you are traveling around Jeju Island, do it as a tour group or rent a car. Going by Taxi is expensive! Traveling by bus is cheap, but you’d have to know the route and some Korean to get around…