The Letus35 Bokeh Maker – back to the classic

Back when I got the Sony Fx-1, I wanted to get that bokeh effect and get that cinematic feels. I went crazy looking at all sorts of bokeh kits but I wasn’t feeling the DIY aspect and the other systems that were available were pricey. Mind you, the Letus35 is also pricey but was at a fair price and I was able to get this model from the creator of the Letus35.

As I live in Seattle, Washington, I had the chance to communicate with the inventor/creator of the Letus35. He offered to meet with me at his place in Portland, Oregon. I kindly accepted the offer and made it a trip right after work. His family was very nice and it was great meeting them. I actually arrived early to their home and they offered to let me wait for him inside their home. I kindly declined until he came home from working at a major computer corporation. It was only about a 15-minute wait anyway.

The model you see in the video was a prototype model that he showed me and purchased it from him right there. I felt that he was using his engineering degree to improve upon similar lens adapter that was out. The fact that he was also somewhat local to my location also made me want to support his endeavors, not that he needs it as you can tell his company makes great products. (You can check the affiliate link below to see his new creations more suitable to today’s cameras.)

Letus35 has some other cool camera gears you can check out:

You have to remember that this is a lens adapter that goes over your lens like a periscope so there is a lot of loss in light going through the lens. With the Sony Fx-1 you can have a constant f-stop of 2.8 and get a lens to attach to the Letus35 would need to be something that can do 2.8 or more to get enough light for the camera to capture a usable image. The nifty 50 lens at 1.8 f-stops is a great option. This is also one reason that I never really used it as most of my shooting were more news gathering type of capture and not a creation of movies.

Do I regret purchasing this if I’ve never used it? No, it’s a piece of my life experience and a moment of true creativity in the video making creatives that were inspired by such great tools of filmmaking.