Korean Walnut Pastry – American Made

Got this fantastic Walnut Pastry from friends in California. I’ve never heard of Cocohodo till now but they make some awesome tasty morsels of sweet Korean dessert delicacy.

The cookie is soft and moist. It’s like a mini cake but with red bean paste filling and a piece of walnut on the inside. It dries out pretty fast, within two days about, so it’s good to eat it right away. The taste of the red bean paste is just right, not too sweet and a semi-creamy like texture due to the red bean paste. The walnut brings a bit of crunchiness when you bite into it, giving it a different texture to the taste.

After having eaten the tasty treat, this led me to wonder about this creation… Doing a research about this dessert, I found that this confectionary was created in the Cheonan region of Korea by a married couple Jo, Gwigeum and Sim, Boksun. They created this unique delicacy by combining Korean and Japanese influences. This was in 1934 during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

Korean Walnut Pastry – Not Cocohodo
Shot with the Sony A6500
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If you want to check out Cocohodo, check out their website: http://cocohodo.us/