Korean mall, the food edition

The wife and I decided to grab a bite to eat at Shinsegae Mall before heading to the movies.

What’s nice about Korea is the easy transportation system and underground pathways filled with shopping stalls. Being underground wasn’t that bad, and being comfortable during bad weather is a major perk!

I wish I would have recorded more but I wasn’t thinking much about recording; just that it was fun being out with the wife enjoying the Korean experience. This was back in 2014 and I don’t even remember what movie we watched. I think it was a Korean movie, either that or a Marvel movie release.

We ate at a Japanese stall. I had the Yakisoba like noodles and the wife had ramen. We then choose some Mochi ice cream for dessert. I also wish I had recorded the trip to Krispy Kremes as they had some outrageous donuts that were only available in Korea (maybe Asia).

Korean Fusion Food

Korean Fusion Food

This video was shot using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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How to catch a Cicada

A little girl shows you how to catch a Cicada!

During a quick summer vacation in Korea, there were sounds of Cicadas everywhere. We were fortunate enough to see one on a tree.

Video shot using my Samsung Galaxy Note II, I love this phone!

Ice Cream Corn

See this fun dessert delight! Its Ice Cream injected into a Corn Cane. The taste is as you expect, vanilla ice cream and corn flakes would best describe it. It’s the novelty of the treat that is fun!

CGV Movie Theater in Yeouido

Its not so different as the movie theatres in the states but it’s a lot nicer. Wider feet space, a hanger for your purse or such in the seat in front of you.

The only thing is you are assigned seating when you purchase the tickets.

A look at a cool movie theatre located in Yeouido. They have a VIP lounge and a robot assistant!

Cheonggyecheon River in South Korea – Best restored river in the world, possibly

Visited this great river located in Seoul, South Korea. While Korean movies like “The Host” may have had a river monster, you won’t have to worry about one here.

To me, this is one of the great man-made rivers. It’s not the Panama Canal of any sorts but to build a project to renovate a dirty river that was filled up in the past and turn it into a tourist designation is a beautiful project indeed.

It is a great place to have a little exercise or go on a date with your loved one. I am amazed at how clean they keep the area. No graffiti, no trash floating down the river, etc… This video was shot in 2006.

The mayor of Seoul did this urban renovation which was not looked happily upon by the citizens as it costed the government some serious cash. After the renovation, people flock to this renovated river for recreation.

Several Korean films and music videos have been shot here.