The Best HD Camera Still – the Sony HDR-Fx1

,The Sony Fx1 was the best purchase I ever made over a decade ago and it still holds up very well for capturing video. I love this Sony Fx-1 so much that I still try to find ways to utilize it in some way.

I want to say this was one of Sony’s first prosumer camcorder released that was hugely successful. The Sony HVR-Z1U was their pro version with xlr input and option to record in digital vs the HDV tapes utilized at the time. You could use the Sony HVR-MRC1.

The lens on this pro-consumer camera is outstanding and with the iris control, you can set it for low light at f/2.8. The CCD camera captures low light so well I’m impressed with it still at this time.

I have used this in low light concerts and I have shot this in very bright outdoor situations with this FX1 performing like a champ!

Check out my YouTube channel for some of the videos shot with the wonderful Sony Fx-1 – like Crying Nut, Maryhill Festival of Speed, Grand Opening of Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Bam Artsfair – Indian Dance, The Flight, The Flight 2, Aircraft Show at the Puyallup Fairgrounds, World Cyber Games – Seattle, Skagit Valley Tulips, Dumbfounded Kero One Dok2 in Seattle, YB Yoon Do Hyun Band Seattle, Harlem Globetrotters in Washington, Seahawks 2015 Superbowl Tribute, The Zoo Animals, Shooting at the Local Airport, Largest Water Balloon Fight, Klamath California, Novice Motorcycle Race, Teddy Bear Museum, Freedom Fair, Cheonggyecheon River in South Korea, Air France, Dead Baby 16, Drift Seattle, Ban Ki Moon UW Speech, Fanterview – Grammatrain Interview Sounders MV – The Last Sound, SeaFair 2009.

This video shot in 4k with the Sony A6500.

Sony HDR Fx-1:
Sony HVR-Z1U:
Sony digital recorder for Z1U:
Sony A6500:
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