Korean Walnut Pastry – American Made

Got this fantastic Walnut Pastry from friends in California. I’ve never heard of Cocohodo till now but they make some awesome tasty morsels of sweet Korean dessert delicacy.

The cookie is soft and moist. It’s like a mini cake but with red bean paste filling and a piece of walnut on the inside. It dries out pretty fast, within two days about, so it’s good to eat it right away. The taste of the red bean paste is just right, not too sweet and a semi-creamy like texture due to the red bean paste. The walnut brings a bit of crunchiness when you bite into it, giving it a different texture to the taste.

After having eaten the tasty treat, this led me to wonder about this creation… Doing a research about this dessert, I found that this confectionary was created in the Cheonan region of Korea by a married couple Jo, Gwigeum and Sim, Boksun. They created this unique delicacy by combining Korean and Japanese influences. This was in 1934 during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

Korean Walnut Pastry – Not Cocohodo
Shot with the Sony A6500
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If you want to check out Cocohodo, check out their website: http://cocohodo.us/



Coconut Soda? What!

I got a chance to try a Coconut soda. This is the Cocorico taste test…What do I think about it?

I’m not a fan of Coconut and I don’t think much about Coconut water as well. I would have totally disregarded this drink if I haven’t seen it for the first time in my life.

No soda taste great unless its chilled and I was right! There’s nothing like a cold can or bottle of soda pop in your hands on a hot day, any day, actually.

My initial thoughts from the first sip were, “I don’t think I’m tasting any flavor.” Later, it was, I think I taste a bit of saltiness then back to nope, nothing. I drank nearly the whole can but left a couple sips worth in the can to warm up to room temperature. At room temperature, I could immediately taste the coconut flavor and the saltiness. Not my cup of tea at this point. I would drink this when it’s cold but not at room temperature. 3 out of 5 stars.

Later, looking through Amazon on coconut sodas, I saw several varieties. Who knew you had other brands like Goya and Tropi-Coco with their own coconut sodas.

What do you think about Coconut flavored sodas?

Coconut Soda and other Coconut products:
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Taste test a gourmet root beer

Its time for trying out another Bundaberg branded soda and this is one of the gourmet root beer brand. There are so many different brands of root beer and its not for me to say who makes the best root beer, I’ll just try them as I find them.
The root beer maker Bundaberg is based out of Australia and the cost for purchasing one of these bottles of root beer is not cheap, this is a good root beer but I’m more partial to more familiar taste of something like A&W or Dads root beer. It has an interesting flavor which makes it a taste that I believe you would come to appreciate over time.
The Bundaberg root beer gets its unique taste from ginger and has a citrusy taste. I will say that Bundaberg does come up with some interesting flavors for your taste buds that you should at least try once. I will say that this doesn’t taste straight out like a hard root beer due to the citreous flavor but this is definitely not your father’s root beer, that is, if you’re not from Australia.
You can purchase the Bundaberg root beer at some stores that might carry it as a specialty item, not sure of any specific root bear store but you can get it online here (affiliate link): http://amzn.to/2qwVQl5
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Ginger Beer is Bundaberg

Bundaberg Ginger beer


I’m skipping ahead to post about Bundaberg Ginger beer before the Lemon, Lime and Bitters – I’m working on the video for it.

There won’t be a video for the Ginger beer as I was planning to do one but the location was not the place to do it. I was too self aware, if you want the truth.

Too many parents around and I didn’t think they would appreciate it if they heard me doing a review of the drink and they started hearing beer.

If you seen my post on Bundaberg Guava soda, then you know I have to try a drink from a company I’ve never tried.

Well, the Japanese store I visited had more flavors from this Australian company. I brought the Lemon, Lime and Bitters, Ginger beer, and Root beer.

Now, Ginger beer or as close to it as I’ve gotten was Canadian Ginger Ale. I love Canadian Ginger Ale but Bundaberg Ginger beer is another level!

The label on the bottle states craft brewed for 3 days and its supposed to have real bits of Ginger in the soda. I forgot to take a close look at the bottle to see if I could see small chunks of Ginger in the soda pop but the taste was what you would wish in a Ginger soda. It tasted like you would hope a Ginger soda should taste. I would definitely go for some more Ginger soda in the future!

Again, the cost of purchasing a Bundaberg soda in the states is pretty expensive – it’s about two bucks to get a bottle.

This soda may be too strong in taste for some but I was happy with the taste and the level of fizz from the soda was just right.

I’ve now tried Guava, Lemon Limes & Bitters, and now Ginger beer. I’m going to try out Root beer next.

I will say I really like the Ginger flavor more than their Guava flavor.

You can check Bundaberg sodas from this link:
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