Drone flies over Celebration Park


I love what the DJI Phantom 3 Pro is able to do and flying it over Celebration Park in Federal Way, Washington was fun. I believe Celebration Park is probably one of the most well-maintained parks in Washington state. The soccer and baseball fields are probably the cleanest and well maintained that I have seen in all the parks!

I flew it early in the morning so I believe I had the ISO up high. I noticed a lot of noise in the video while editing. I have to attribute the noise to the high iso and the compression used by the DJI Phantom for the 4K video.

I’ll have to play around with the settings for the best video quality. I also think I started looking at the quality of the video compression due to watching one of Phillip Bloom’s review of the Mavic.

I also didn’t have the gimble calibrated correctly, its seems, it looks like the horizon might be a bit off.

I edited the video in Adobe Premiere Pro 6 with the 3-way color corrector and used letterbox matte.

DJI Phantom 3 Pro
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Glass Blowing at Mt Saint Helens

Back in 2007, on a family trip to Mt Saint Helens, we stopped by a local shop with a glass blowing artist at work.

It’s some of the coolest things to see when you see molten glass being formed into a shape.

At that time, I had my Nikon D80 and my Sony Fx-1.

I wish I recorded more with the camcorder but at least I got some great pics on the trip.

Johnston Ridge Observatory

You do have to pay to view Mt Saint Helens from the Johnston Ridge Observatory but its a once in a lifetime visit and well worth it!

Johnston Ridge Observatory

I can’t remember what this dial was for besides being a compass.

Johnston Ridge Observatory

This day was a great day with smoke rising from the crater of Mt. Saint Helens.

Johnston Ridge Observatory

It makes me truly appreciate nature and I’m wishing we’d do more family trips now, but it’s gotten harder with more activities.

Johnston Ridge Observatory

There are better places to view the crater than from this crowded location, just walk a bit further away from the observatory.

Johnston Ridge Observatory

Looking at this pics, I feel like I’m reliving my past.

Hoffstadt Bluffs

This was the viewpoint for the glass blowing. You could see everything clearly from this viewpoint at the Hoffstadt Bluffs.

Hoffstadt Bluffs

You can also visit the Forrest Learning Center.

Forest Learning Center

Hoffstadt Bluffs

Go visit these wonderful places when you visit Washington!

A Moving Time Lapse with the Dji Osmo – Seattle Port



A quick test of the DJI Osmo Mobile moving Time Lapse feature using the Letv X500 smartphone.

Shot close to the Port of Seattle, close to S. Hanford and E. Marginal. It’s located in Seattle and I was there to try and capture a sunset by those hugh cranes. My problem is that I didn’t set up the exposure setting correctly for the time lapse. By the time I got the setup figured out, it was too late. As you can see from this shot, the shot is overexposed. This is not a fault of the Osmo Mobile but the exposure setting I didn’t do correctly.

The Osmo Mobile has a nice feature and I love the ability to select 5 points for the moving time-lapse. I wish DJI could update the firmware to allow for more points for the moving time-lapse feature.

The tripod kit to keep the Osmo Mobile steady is something I definitely need! I had to hold the Osmo Mobile in place on the hand rail for several minutes for the shot and you can see some slight shakes due to my hand moving it every now and than.

No editing of the video, straight out of the Letv X500.

Best Tacoma Wa Event – Freedom Fair

If you are in the Tacoma Area around the 4th of July celebration, it is a great idea to enjoy the Freedom Fair.

It is one of the best Tacoma events to participate in Washington State.

The fair is great for family with kids to enjoy and to watch fun events like Dragon Boat races, air shows, and more!