Did we beat the world guinness record for biggest water balloon fight?

Not sure if this event made the World Guinness Record but this was one of the largest water balloon fight ever held in Seattle.

The representative from Guinness was there to verify the event for the World Guinness Record. It turns out we didn’t beat it. At least not this year…

The event fundraiser was done by SeattlePartyCamp to raise funds for Camp Korey. It earned $55,000 for the camp which was short of the $75,000 they were hoping to raise but is still impressive. I can see this event becoming bigger next year.

SeattlePartyCamp was the organizers that held the largest snowball fight in Seattle last year as well.

What I’m learning about using my Nikon D800 and GoPro Hero 3 for news shoots…I need more practice. I’m still used to using a camcorder and handholding either is needing more practice, especially the GoPro. I thought I was holding it about where I wanted it but notice that I’m shooting too high. It happened with the Color Run footage as well.

Hopefully, will be able to salvage the footage from the GoPro for the News footage I was covering.

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