Ginger Beer is Bundaberg

Bundaberg Ginger beer


I’m skipping ahead to post about Bundaberg Ginger beer before the Lemon, Lime and Bitters – I’m working on the video for it.

There won’t be a video for the Ginger beer as I was planning to do one but the location was not the place to do it. I was too self aware, if you want the truth.

Too many parents around and I didn’t think they would appreciate it if they heard me doing a review of the drink and they started hearing beer.

If you seen my post on Bundaberg Guava soda, then you know I have to try a drink from a company I’ve never tried.

Well, the Japanese store I visited had more flavors from this Australian company. I brought the Lemon, Lime and Bitters, Ginger beer, and Root beer.

Now, Ginger beer or as close to it as I’ve gotten was Canadian Ginger Ale. I love Canadian Ginger Ale but Bundaberg Ginger beer is another level!

The label on the bottle states craft brewed for 3 days and its supposed to have real bits of Ginger in the soda. I forgot to take a close look at the bottle to see if I could see small chunks of Ginger in the soda pop but the taste was what you would wish in a Ginger soda. It tasted like you would hope a Ginger soda should taste. I would definitely go for some more Ginger soda in the future!

Again, the cost of purchasing a Bundaberg soda in the states is pretty expensive – it’s about two bucks to get a bottle.

This soda may be too strong in taste for some but I was happy with the taste and the level of fizz from the soda was just right.

I’ve now tried Guava, Lemon Limes & Bitters, and now Ginger beer. I’m going to try out Root beer next.

I will say I really like the Ginger flavor more than their Guava flavor.

You can check Bundaberg sodas from this link:
affiliate link


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